Parking Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. All vehicles entering this car park are subject to these conditions. If you do not accept the Terms you and any vehicle in which you entered (the Vehicle) must immediately leave the Car Park.
  2. You must pay Pacific Airport Parking all parking fees and other costs incurred in relation to the vehicle upon demand for your vehicle to be parked in this car park
  3. No refunds apply for early returns. Change of plans must be notified to our office.
  4. Without limiting any of Pacific Airport Parking’s other rights, Pacific Airport Parking shall have a lien over the vehicle and be entitled to retain the vehicle until these conditions are satisfied and all monies due and owing to Pacific Airport Parking have been paid by you.
  5. Pacific Airport Parking at its discretion may revoke its authority for you to use this car park at any time.
  6. Pacific Airport Parking may deliver the vehicle to any person producing the then prevailing Pacific Airport Parking Vehicle Claim Document or such other evidence of ownership or authority or entitlement to take possession of the vehicle as Pacific Airport Parking in its sole discretion deems satisfactory.
  7. Pacific Airport Parking will not be responsible to you if the Pacific Airport Parking Vehicle Claim Document or evidence of ownership or authority or entitlement to receive the vehicle is produced by a person other than you.
  8. Pacific Airport Parking requires the keys or access code for your vehicle in order to drive or move the vehicle left in the Car Park for safety or operational purposes.
  9. In the absence of any negligence or breach of the law by Pacific Airport Parking your entry into and use of this Car Park is at your own risk and this includes personal belongings left in the vehicle. Under no circumstances is Pacific Airport Parking liable to you for any loss of profits or indirect or consequential loss. Further Pacific Airport Parking will not be liable to you for any loss or damage which is caused by any act or omission by you or any other person.
  10. To the extent permitted by law, Pacific Airport Parking limits its liability for any warranty, guarantee, or condition that is implied to these terms and conditions by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (or any replacement Act) (“the Act”) to the remedies available in the Act, in particular, the cost of supplying the services again to you or the cost of having the services supplied again.
  11. If any of these conditions are illegal or not enforceable, the offending condition or part of the condition shall be read down to the extent necessary to give it legal effect or, if not able to be read down, be of no effect and this does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions
  12. No modifications, variations or amendment of these conditions shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by both you and the Managing Director of Pacific Airport Parking.

Large or unusual luggage

To protect other passengers and to comply with legal requirements, we need to ensure luggage can be transported safely. If you have items such as surfboards, bike bags, bags exceeding 20kg, etc... you must contact our staff in advance so suitable transport plans can be made prior to your arrival.