3 tips to avoid jet lag on your next business trip

Travelling, whether it's for a vacation or work, can be highly exciting. However, if your work calls for a lot of timezone changes for your business trips, the effects of jet lag can make you feel exhausted and out of sync for days on end.

Because we know that even the most avid traveller can be affected by a disrupted circadian rhythm, we thought we'd share three of our top tips to avoid feeling sluggish after your next business trip.

Keep your water intake up while travelling. Keep your water intake up while travelling.

1. Water is your best friend

The dry and compressed air in the plane's cabin doesn't just dehydrate you, but can make you fatigue easily as well. To counter sleepiness, try to keep your water intake up throughout the entire flight. 

By rule of thumb, you should drink about 300 millilitres per hour of flight to ensure you don't get too dehydrated. 

2. Alcohol and coffee aren't your buddies

While liquids are important, try to avoid pumping your body full of caffeine or getting tipsy while some kilometres up in the air. The alcohol will not only be more potent for your body but also dry you out, so if you want to avoid a massive headache when you land, on top of jet lag issues, lay off the wine.

As for caffeine, while it can help you stay awake longer if you are trying to adjust to your destination's local time ahead of your arrival, it will mess with your sleep cycle and quality.  Best to save the coffee for after your flight. 

Try and keep to your exercise routine while you travel. Try and keep to your exercise routine while you travel.

3. Exercise is good for your body

Have you got a good workout routine down? We suggest sticking to it when you travel. If you usually do some exercise 7 a.m. Sydney time, try get active at 7 a.m. in your travel location as well. Getting your blood pumping can help regulate your energy levels and circadian rhythm.

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