Travelling the world with your trusty pooch

When you go to the grocery store, are you the type of person who feels guilty when leaving your dog behind? Those pleading eyes watch from the front window, following as you drive off into the distance. Just thinking about it is heartbreaking.

But what's worse than being gone for a mere 45 minutes, is leaving your pooch for a whole week while you're away on holiday and having to put your dog in a kennel.  Leaving your dog behind is never going to be as fun as bringing them along.  Fortunately, there are tonnes of cool places around the entire world that are perfect for exploring with your four-legged friend – no one has to get left behind!

Pet friendly travel destinations 

"Don't leave me at home, I want to come with you!" "Don't leave me at home, I want to come with you!"

Not every destination is going to be pet friendly, so doing research before departing is key. Fortunately, we've outlined some of the coolest destinations in the world that can be enjoyed by both yourself and your dog.

First up, the Guisachan Gathering in Scotland, is a festival dedicated specifically to Golden Retrievers. Guisachan is the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever, hence why the festival is held here. Next year's gather will be held in July, and will celebrate the 150th anniversary of founding of the breed. The festival features a dog show, mingling with other owners and, of course, lots of fetch. If you visit with your own golden just make sure you have a collar and name tags on him/her!

Next, skip across the pond and head to Woofstock in Toronto, Canada. This is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in North America, attracting thousands of dogs and humans for the last 14 years. The festival has everything from talent shows and contests to fashion shows. There are hundreds of vendors where you can pick up new pet supplies or learn more about your favourite animals.

Where can we go play next? Where can we go play next?

If you like to get a little weird with your dog, there's really no better place than New York City. It might be nicknamed the concrete jungle, but you'd be surprised at how dog-friendly the city can be! For example, every Halloween, Tompkins Square Park has a Halloween Parade allowing you to dress your dog up in a cute costume and mingle with other pups. This parade is 25 years old and has seen tonnes of dogs over its existence.

But if you're going to be in New York at that time of year, you have to stick around for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held on the third Thursday of every November. This show brings out the best of the best in breeds across the country. Your dog might not be able to participate, but at least he'll be around for an American Thanksgiving so he/she can have his very own turkey leg!

Pet friendly airlines 

Next, it's time to take a look at the airlines that are going to treat your pooch the best. Here is a short list of the pet friendly airlines that fly out of Melbourne Airport:

  • Virgin Australia
  • Qantas
  • Air Canada
  • United
  • Emirates

Tips on how to travel with your pet

Get out of the house and travel! Get out of the house and travel!

Your pup is undoubtedly going to jump (literally!) at the chance to be by your side for this new adventure, but the transportation itself might not be their favourite part of the trip. Be sure to bring your pooch to the vet before the trip to ensure he/she is in good health for flying, and to discuss safe travelling tactics or vaccinations.

Most airlines will make you bring your own crate. Fill it with a cosy place for them to lay down, some of their favourite toys and a treat or two. Even put a piece of clothing that has your scent on it to help them keep calm. Before your dog has to be crated, be sure to give plenty of exercise so they can sleep well on the plane. Carry the leash in your carry on so you can easily secure your dog once you get to the other side.

Of course, the best way to get to the airport isn't going to be via taxi or bus, it's going to be by using your own car! This is a familiar space for your dog so it will help keep them calm (or, at least as calm as a dog can be in the car) until you get to the airport. 

Once you get to Melbourne's airport, drive right to Pacific Airport Parking and we'll take the car and find a parking spot so you can deal with Spot. Just grab your bags, jump on the shuttle bus and head to your terminal. And, if you've got some dog hair littering the inside of your car, don't forget that we also offer detailing services!

Check out the rates for your next trip and schedule your parking space today.