3 tricks to help you fall asleep on a plane

As a human being, one of the fundamental needs that we all require is sleep. It helps us to restore and rejuvenate cells within our bodies, growing muscle and repairing tissue. Sleep also works to consolidate memories and thoughts, allowing our brain to constantly be at its best.

However, while most of us can get a decent night of sleep in bed, it's not the same story when we're on a plane. If you have to travel on any lengthy flight, it can be extremely difficult to get to sleep so it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve next time you depart from Melbourne Airport.

1) Select a window seat

As well as having the best view in the house, holding the coveted window seat may also be a massive help in getting to sleep. In contrast to other seat positions, you have something solid (the side of the plane) to lean your head against.

Use the window seat to your advantage.Use the window seat to your advantage.

Use your travel pillow as support and find a comfortable angle to rest your head – just remember to close the shade to avoid the sunrise breaking your sleep!

2) Avoid the free alcohol

If you are jetting off on holiday, it's extremely tempting to have a quiet drink while in the air. The problem is that while alcohol can help you initially get to sleep, you could have problems returning to slumber once you wake up.

This is because alcohol promotes dehydration. As such, you may experience a headache and an increased thirst – both issues if you are looking to fall asleep.

It doesn't matter whether you want to sleep or not on a plane, it's recommended to stick to water as it will leave your body feeling fresh at the end of a long flight.

3) Wear loose clothing

You'll need to dress in both comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.

Regardless of the temperature outside, aircraft cabins are usually quite warm. Combine this with the lower humidity and it's not the best environment to fall asleep in. This said, it doesn't help if you are wearing heavy or tight clothing that will raise your body temperature further.

To have the best chance of getting some rest before you land, you'll need to dress in both comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. If you are cold, then there is always the blanket, but feeling settled is the first step in drifting off to the land of nod.

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