5 apps that make business travel easier

Business travellers are usually pushed for time, which makes efficiency a key priority when it comes to flying. Here are our favourite five apps to make your next trip easier!

1. LoungeBuddy

Seasoned business travellers know what it's like to get stranded at the airport. Whether you show up for your flight early to avoid rush-hour traffic, or have to deal with delays, sometimes you just want the peace and quiet of an airline lounge.

Fortunately, you can usually pay a small fee for access to airport lounges. LoungeBuddy makes this process a lot easier – and it doesn't even involve becoming a member of an alliance! Simply pick the airport, select the lounge you want access to and purchase entry at the cheapest rate available through the app. All you need to do then is show your access code to the front desk at the lounge.

2. Jet Lag Rooster

We've gone through ways you can avoid jet lag before. Now, Jet Lag Rooster takes things one step further and tells you exactly how to change your sleeping roster for a big trip. 

You can choose to shift your sleep cycle either before, during, or after you get on the plane. What's more, the tool is free, which is a great bonus. 

3. PackPoint

Don't want to spend time thinking about what to pack? PackPoint puts your packing list together for you.

All you need to do is select where you're going, how long you'll stay and whether it is for business or leisure. The app will then check the weather predictions for you before designing a custom list you can use as guide. 

4. CityMaps2Go

Once you're at your destination, the last thing you want is to get lost and miss an important meeting. The CityMaps2Go app allows you to download an up-to-date map of the city you're visiting – you don't even need internet access. Super easy and convenient!

5. iTranslate

Those of you who have gone on a business trip without knowing the language of the country know how much of a struggle the language barrier can be. With the iTranslate app, you can write and speak in over 90 languages across the globe, to make communicating possible. 

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