5 Instagram worthy destinations that you need to visit

Is your Instagram looking like a whole lot of selfies with you and your best mates at your usual hangout spot in Melbourne? Sure you're having fun, but shaking up your content now and again is key for a picture perfect Insta profile.

And yes, you can do more than taking a mini road trip to the town over. This big, blue marble we call planet Earth is filled with amazingly beautiful places just waiting for you to go and discover. The only question left to ask: Where do you go

Knowing that there are so many alluring places to visit, you might be wondering where to even begin. Well, don't worry, we have a list of the five most Instagram worthy travel destinations that you should consider. We'll also take it one step further and help you caption your posts – because witty captions are crucial to getting likes, aren't they?

1. Bali, Indonesia 

Everything about Bali is stunning, and being such an easy trip from Melbourne, it's an extremely popular destination for Australians. Grab a scooter and zip around this breathtaking country and you'll sure find it hard to put your camera down, trust us. 

Clever caption: Having a Ball-i! 

2. New York City, USA

Get your dose of urban flavour in one of the most well-known cities (and most Instagrammed) in the world: New York! This concrete jungle should be on everyone's bucket list – there's truly no city like it, and there's a little something for everyone. 

Clever caption: Off to meet Harry! – Sally

3. Hoffman's Blue Hole, Bahamas

Get your waterproof camera ready, this tropical destination can't be beat. White sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and nonstop sun – it's a recipe for paradise! Specifically, be sure to venture on over to Hoffman's Blue Hole on Berry Island. It's 600 feet wide and surrounded by a 20 foot cliff – would you jump? 

Clever caption: Truth or dare?

4. Pamukkale, Turkey 

Turkey is an amazing country full of culture and adventure,  but if you're looking for a relaxing escape, head to Pamukkale's thermal pools.The white sedimentary rocks have formed mini pools filled with arctic blue water. But don't be fooled by their appearance – the water is warm and ready for you to jump in. 

Clever caption: "CANNONBALLLLLL!"

5. Rome, Italy 

What can't you Instagram in Italy, really? The city is filled with some of the world's oldest and most recognisable buildings that are representative of ancient myths and history. From the haunting ruins, to the exotic food, all the way to the vineyards in wine country, Rome proves itself to be one of the most inspiring places to capture. 

Clever caption: Been Roman the world for a lick this good!

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