7 ways to maximise time when travelling on a business trip

For many working professionals, the travelling that comes with the business trip to meet the client can be a bit of a drag. You could be using that time to do something productive. 

Don't just sit there mindlessly – maximise your travel time with these seven tips. 

Here's how you can make the most of your travel time.Here's how you can make the most of your travel time.

1. Follow up emails 

Even if you can't send them, draft any emails on the plane and then send once you land! Many email providers give the option to schedule when you can send message, so even if you get in at a weird time, you can send your emails at a reasonable hour (just make sure you have the right time zone!). 

2. Watch or listen to training videos 

Now is the perfect time to educate yourself on the things that are happening in your industry and market. Let's face it, these days business processes are constantly evolving. Sometimes, taking a break for even a month can leave you behind. You have to stay relevant. Download some material for the plane and upskill yourself before the flight is over!

3. Catch up on current events 

It's important for everyone in the business world to stay up to date on current events and affairs. If you're on a long haul flight, many of the inflight entertainment screens offer news sections that you can read or listen to.  

4. Mentor the new guy 

Are you travelling with the new person from work? Don't be cold to the newbie, take the time to get to know him and actually give him some pointers on how the business works. Remember, it can be tough being the newbie, so throw the guy a bone! Plus, you'll get to flex all the company information that you know (and look in to the areas that you're less familiar with).

5. Sort out your expenses 

From the parking receipts you got from dropping your car off with Pacific Airport Parking, to the food you ordered waiting at your gate and even to the drinks ordered to entertain the client, use this time to file your expenses. While it's nice that your company is picking up the bill, filing the expense report can be boring admin work that will only get in the way of you doing your job once you get back in the office. 

Use this time to get organised. Use this time to get organised.

6. Organise your contacts 

If you're just getting back from a tradeshow, then you probably collected quite a few new contacts. Take this opportunity to organise these business cards and find their information on LinkedIn. You can then connect with them and leave a note. Networking is a crucial part to every businesses' success. It's good to reach out shortly after you meet them and remind them about your conversation. Make sure to make the note personal so you don't sound like you copy-pasted the same message to everyone you met. 

7. Take the time to relax 

If you have a problem at work that you can't solve, there's literally no better way to solve it than to step away from it. Travelling will get you out of the office and into new environments that can help spur creativity. Of course, a little rest and relaxation time is also key to restoring the energy you need to do a good job. So why not close that lap top and take a snooze. Who knows, you might even find yourself appreciating your job even more at the end of your flight!

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