How to dress for business travel

One of the luxuries of travelling via air is the ability to kick back and relax on the way to an exotic destination. Just pop on some sweat pants and snooze away at the hum of in-flight entertainment.

However, if you're travelling for business, you might not have the luxury of dressing so casually. But you can still be comfortable.

Today, we're going to help you find the perfect blend of business and casual to make your trip as smooth as possible.

What to wear in the air

Business travel attire doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Business travel attire doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

For men:

A button-down shirt, tie, jacket and slacks are a must. Yes, these items might sound constricting – you're tugging at your collar already, aren't you? – but they don't have to be. Opt for a lightweight, cotton shirt as this will help keep you from sweating in your seat. The jacket can be stowed away and the tie loosened during the flight so you remain as comfortable as possible. As for pants, wear a pair that fits comfortably, with a belt which can also be removed during travel.

For women:

Women have a little more flexibility when it comes to business attire as they aren't limited to pants. Instead, a smart looking skirt – like the pleated shin-length style that is all the rage right now – is ideal for looking professional and staying cool. Just be sure to wear stockings so when you take your shoes off (flats or heels, it's up to you), your feet won't touch the dirty airport floor. As for a top, the lightweight cotton still applies to you, however, you can wear a camisole underneath to help keep sweat under control.

When you look sharp, you have an increased chance of getting bumped up to business class.

The benefits of dressing up

While you might still wish to be in clothing that features an elastic waistband, there's an upside to looking sharp in the airport. Believe it or not, but when you look good, you have an increased chance of getting bumped up to business class. Many think they don't stand a chance with loyalty programs and standby flyers taking precedence, but think about it: airlines want to fill their more expensive seats with people who look like they're spending more. 

Of course, there is also that added psychological mentality of dressing up. Professional attire helps put you in the right mindset to do business – you're ready to go the moment you get off the plane, and even before that. 

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