The weirdest car parking locations around the world

At Pacific Airport Parking, our main goals are to protect your vehicle while you are out of the city and make sure you get to the airport in time for your flight. While this seems simple, a lot of work goes into ensuring our International Square base is always up to the highest standard.

However, in the world of car parking, our location is rather practical. In fact, there are several car parking building examples from around the world that are simply out of this world in terms of both design and functionality. So, the next time you pull up to Pacific Airport Parking, remember these examples, you could see similar on our base in the future!

Autostadt (Germany)

Germany is known for its productivity and innovation, with both these traits highlighted in the amazing Autostadt car park in the city of Wolfsburg. The twin circular car park towers look like something straight out of a science-fiction movie and are a tourism attraction in themselves.

The Autostadt is actually owned by Volkswagen – the towers used as 20-storey car silos as well as being home to a car museum, car factory and even driving courses.

Of course, this isn't German engineering without a twist. You don't drive into this car park, no you leave your vehicle at the bottom and a robotic arm transports the car to the appropriate slot. When you are ready to collect your vehicle, punch in the code and watch the arm bring it back down – amazing. 

1111 Lincoln Road (USA)

When most people imagine car parks, it's either a boring multistorey or a yard space. However, what if we told you had you could have a party in a car park? Well, at Miami Beach in the US, one car park has turned into a real social gathering location.

Designed by the same architects who masterminded Beijing's Bird's Nest Stadium, the Florida car parking building looks more like an open-sided mansion than somewhere to leave your vehicle. As well as places to park, the building also has a restaurant, retail shops and space for parties – Ferrari even hosted an event there!

The building offers plenty of natural light and great views to the ocean – something that you don't normally see from a car park!

Umihotaru (Japan)

Much like the Germans, the Japanese have extraordinary architectural taste. Concepts that seem unachievable are completed in a matter of years and to the highest standard possible. In terms of car parking, Japan has almost clocked the game – building a floating car park on top of an underwater tunnel.

Yes, we have those details correct. The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is the world's longest underwater tunnel and at 14 kilometres has a transition point (Umihotaru) where the bridge turns into tunnel. It's here that you will find a mall complete with shops, restaurants, an art gallery and a car park. In fact, Umihotaru attracts many visitors who aren't even interested in driving through the aqua-line! 

It is important to note that this was built in 1997, twenty years ago. Although engineering and architecture have significantly improved since then, Umihotaru is still one of the best architectural achievements around the world.

Parking with us

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