Top tips for travelling with a baby

You love the little human you created. Yet, the thought of taking them on a plane to visit family overseas or go on holiday can be frightening. What if baby doesn't like flying and cries the entire time? What will other people on the plane think when you try to soothe the little one? 

Now, while there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly, we do have some tips to make your next plane trip with your baby easier on both of you! 

Make sure you bring along enough baby food.Make sure you bring along enough baby food.

1. Pack smart

Avoid the frenzy of trying to find essentials at the airport – or worse – up in the air by making a list of all the things you'll need beforehand. You'll want to bring a change of outfits, enough baby food for the trip and extra diapers in case of delays. Bring some rubbish bags for dirty diapers and baby rash lotion and you're set to go!

2. Keep baby's ears protected

To relieve the pressure on your little one's ear during takeoff and landing, try to keep them sucking on a pacifier, bottle or similar. Depending on your attitude towards medicines, you might also use decongestant to clear the ear and nose passages.  

Make sure you choose your seat before flying. Make sure you choose your seat before flying.

3. Choose your seat ahead of time

When you're booking your flight, it's best to pick seats ahead of time, making sure you indicate that a child is travelling with you. The goal is to get as far to the front as possible, as the back of the plane is usually noisier and shakes more. 

A bulkhead or exit row  will give you extra room for movement and ensure that little cutie's favourite toy doesn't hit someone's head in the next row. The downside of these rows is that you can't store all your carry-on luggage next to you. 

4. Make use of play time

When you've got a little ball of energy that simply doesn't want to sleep, your flight might be the ideal opportunity to play without other interruptions! While you might not feel comfortable singing in front of others, having a giggling and happy baby will be much more pleasant to all passengers than a screaming one. Guaranteed. 

Remember, the most important thing for any kind of travel with babies is to keep calm and ask for help if you need it. 

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