What to check out in Brisbane during April 2017

In Melbourne, we're lucky to have a full range of temperatures throughout the year. This means we get to spend time at the beach with the family during summer and cuddle up with our other half during the colder winter. 

If you're anything like us, while the temperatures are still likely to reach around 21°C in April, your feet are itching to enjoy weather that's just that little bit warmer. Why not head up to the golden coast and hit up Brisbane for an extended weekend? 

Simply park up your car with Pacific Airport Parking and set off on an adventure with your partner or family. And while you're there, check out these three events worth seeing in April 2017:

1. The Hadron Collider

Until April 25, you can literally step inside the world's greatest experiment. The Large Hadron Collider Exhibition has made its way from London over to Brisbane, celebrating the most powerful and largest particle accelerator. 

The original – CERN's Large Hadron Collider – is of course still hidden deep under the border of France and Switzerland. Considering that 10,000 people have worked on the project in an attempt to discover more about the fundamentals of our universe, this is an exhibition you don't want to miss out on! 

Open for all ages, children's tickets are $12 and adults are $15; a price well worth paying. 

2. Sugar Spin

Next on the list, we've got over 250 contemporary artworks waiting to be admired and explored for GOMA's 10 year anniversary. What's more, it's free to attend and open to visit until April 17. 

So if you can appreciate a creative explosion of colour, spinning delights and art that touches the senses, this is your must-do! Sugar Spin combines new work from Icelandic-born Hrafnhildur Arnard ttir – also known as Shoppy – American sculptor and performance artist Nick Cave, Olafur Eliasson and many more. 

Allow yourself to explore the senses, find complex connections between the natural world and humanity and give this special exhibit a go. 

3. Eat Street Markets

What would a trip to Brisbane be without good food? To satisfy the taste-buds, you should definitely check out the Eat Street Markets down by Hamilton Wharf. Open every Friday and Saturday evening until the end of May, this gem features the delicious international night market, even including fairy-light alleyways between shipping containers. It doesn't get more hip and tasty than this. 

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