What to do with your technology while you travel

Going away on business can be a great way to get out of the office and maybe even explore a new city. Yet, you might find yourself in the conundrum of what to do with all the technology you'll bring along. 

Have you tried some of these tips to make your life easier?

1. Keep it simple

Sticking to the basics will keep your suitcase lighter.

First of all, sticking to the basics for your business trip will not only keep your suitcase lighter, but also reduce the hassle of getting every gadget out for security checks. Let's say you need to have a GPS and camera for work and also want to do some light reading while in transit – don't pack three separate devices if your phone is capable of doing it all. 

2. Store smart

To avoid having to deal with your cables doing the fancy-knot thing, tidy them away in a spare glasses case. Alternatively, keep cords neat and tidy with a rubber band and binder clip. Simply wrap all cables around the clip and hold the coils together with the rubber band. This will keep everything from becoming a tangled mess and make packing easier. 

3. Protect your data

Keeping sensitive information safe is especially important on business trips. To make sure your use of public Wi-Fi doesn't hurt your company. set up a virtual private network (VPN) that'll work in the country you're going to. We also suggest installing tracking software that not only locates your stolen device, but takes pictures of the person using it. A recommended example is software like Prey which can ensure you have tangible information to show police when you report the theft. 

Make sure you bring the right chargers for your devices. Make sure you bring the right chargers for your devices.

4. Don't forget the juice

Finally, there's little worse than bringing all your essential tech on a trip and then not being able to charge it. Avoid a rude awakening when the juice runs out of your laptop and bring a USB travel charger. And in case the power outlets at your end-destinations are different to Australia's, another great gadget  is an adaptor that works for multiple countries. 

At Pacific Airport Parking we love travelling. That's why we like to share some of our go-to tips with you. After all, once you have your flights and car parking at Melbourne airport sorted, you'll want to make sure you're as prepared for your trip as possible.