Why you need time off from work

This might be somewhat shocking information to you, but did you know some Australians don't take a holiday? Research from Roy Morgan found that more than a third of Australia's paid workers have four weeks worth of annual leave accrued – that's 133,737,000 days between them all. This of course includes people who are travelling for business – being on a plane doesn't mean you're on holiday, after all! 

The many benefits of time off

The truth is, taking a holiday isn't just for fun, it's actually really good for your mental health. Getting out of the office and enjoying some time away has been proven to help the body destress – so much that it could actually increase productivity once back in the office (assuming you really take that time off and turn off your email, too!). Managing stress – aka, taking time off – is one of the essential ways you can help prevent heart conditions as well, explained the Mayo Clinic. 

Can you remember your last holiday? Can you remember your last holiday?

The benefits of time off are unmistakable – so what is holding business people back from taking the holiday they deserve? Perhaps it's the stress of planning the travel itself. Well, we're here to show you all the reasons why travel doesn't have to be difficult. Check them out, and book your time off ASAP!

No need to stress about driving or parking

Pacific Airport Parking takes the stress out of deciding how you'll get to the airport. Now you don't have to ask a friend to drive you, get an expensive cab, or worry about finding a parking space. Drop off your keys with us and we'll take care of finding a space as our shuttle whisks you off to your terminal. 

The important part isn't the destination, it's just about getting away!

Melbourne airport has awesome destinations

Just look at all the options you have when you fly out of Melbourne! Fly domestically all around Australia, the nearby tropical islands or consider the latest non-stop option from Virgin Air and fly to the famous Los Angeles! Of course, the important part isn't the destination, it's just about getting away! 

Everything can be booked online 

These days, you don't even need to worry about scouring the internet for the best deals on travel or accommodation. Websites do that for you! Once you've decided where you're going to go, all you have to do is type that into one of the many comparison sites, and select which option suits you.

If you're at work right now, take a deep breath – and go ask your boss for some time off. As soon as you book your flights, be sure to check the rates at Pacific Airport Parking and reserve your space!